The Cherry Creek School District is collaborating with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to provide free gun locks to parents. These locks come in light of growing anxieties around the gun violence epidemic that has hit the Denver metropolitan area. The school district’s initiative, which is “no questions asked,” seeks to address suicide prevention, as a good number of the school district’s suicides have been via firearms. Behavioral and school violence assessments are also on the rise. The initiative, although commendable, may receive some criticism, according to community members. However, what is imperative is the saving of precious lives in the community. Kasey Ellis, a teacher and president of the Cherry Creek Education Association, said that situations involving suicides and threats of violence by firearms could be seen as an atypical thing for Cherry Creek, especially because teachers and administrators have to work under a lot […]

Source: Colorado School District Provides Gun Locks to Parents to Address Concerns around Gun Violence and Teen Suicide

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