We live in a world where we interact with technology to help improve our lives everyday. We have smart devices that simplify tasks and keep us safer. We can automate our homes with a voice command or the slightest touch. We can ask Alexa to play music or turn on the lights. The cost of these technological conveniences continues to drop while the performance and benefit steadily improves.

These technologies continue to evolve for safely securing guns in homes where children and teens reside. A keypad gun safe can be purchased for less than $75 on Amazon, while examples of biometric gun storage can be found for $80 and $110 on Amazon. There are a variety of ways to securely store guns with children in the home, even when you want quick access in case of an intruder. The cost of not properly securing your guns can be the loss of a child’s life (more than 6000 children and teens were killed or injured by guns in 2022), and that is a price no one should have to pay.

No Do-Overs will continue to work with secure gun storage and technology companies to find even more innovative and cost-effective ways to help protect and prevent children and teenagers from gaining unauthorized and unsupervised access to guns.

We know better. It’s time to do better!