“Many Americans are so accustomed to the daily toll of gun violence that they may not realize how much of an outlier the U.S. is for anything related to

It’s Christmastime and everyone would rather focus on the magic of the season. Unpleasant as it might be, we can’t allow ourselves to ignore grieving families who won’t be able to overlook an empty chair at the holiday season dinner table.

The only thing worse than those desperately praying to overcome the unfathomable loss of a child is the fear that the U.S. has become a nation numb to this spiraling tragedy. Perhaps this season is the most appropriate time to reflect and reorder priorities.

Aren’t you fed up, yet?

As a Post-Tribune reporter in the 1980s, I remember an interview with a Chicago funeral home director who told me that back in the day, he may have had only two or three orders for infant/children caskets a year.

It broke his heart to note that just a decade or so later, he was getting that many orders every month. While unashamedly a capitalist, he confessed that’s business he’d rather do without. Things have gotten much worse since then.

Source: Children gun deaths should top our agenda

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