HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn.Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI), a nationally recognized leader in suicide awareness and prevention, announced today the completion of a major step in providing resources to Illinois public schools in an effort to fight youth and young adult suicide. The Jason Foundation provided an Educators DVD Resource Library to more than 4,000 Illinois public schools in November. The packaged Library represents a comprehensive youth suicide prevention program for schools and includes The Jason Foundation’s staff development trainings, student curriculum, and Parent & Community Seminar. The 13 DVD set was provided to all public schools at no cost thanks to the financial support of Meridian of Illinois, a leading government-sponsored managed care organization in Illinois.

According to The Jason Foundation, suicide ranks as the sixth leading cause of death for ages 10 to 65 in Illinois, averaging more than three deaths per day in this age group, and their key message is that suicide is preventable. Four out of five individuals considering suicide give some sign of their intentions, either verbally or behaviorally, and it is JFI’s mission to make this known to save lives.

The mailing of this Resource Library is one of many activities tied to the Illinois Won’t Be Silent awareness campaign launched in March by the two organizations. The statewide initiative focuses on building awareness and providing information, tools, and resources to better identify and/or assist an individual who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts.

As with all programs and resources made available by The Jason Foundation, there is no charge for any material or training offered to the public. Find more information at www.ILWontBeSilent.com.

About The Jason Foundation

The Jason Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the “silent epidemic” of youth and young adult suicide through educational programs for young people, educators, parents, and other community groups. Since their inception, The Jason Foundation has never charged a school, family, or community for use of their programs or materials. For more information or to find the closest JFI Affiliate Office, visit JFI’s website. www.jasonfoundation.com

Source: The Jason Foundation Provides Suicide Prevention Resource to Schools

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