“Governor DeSantis should reconsider his reckless plan to pass permitless carry in Florida,” said Mucarsel-Powell, who is with Giffords Fla.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that he expects the GOP-led Legislature to pass a bill next year that would allow people to carry guns without a concealed-weapons permit, but a new poll of voters taken in Miami-Dade County shows that the public – particularly Hispanic voters – strongly oppose that measure.

The proposal is known by gun-safety advocates as “permitless carry” and by its Second Amendment supporters as “constitutional carry.”

DeSantis became the first Republican gubernatorial candidate in twenty years to win Miami-Dade — the most populous county in Florida — in this year’s election, and much has been written about how Hispanic voters have been drawn to the GOP in recent election cycles.

Source: DeSantis’s “Permitless Carry” Idea “An Insult To Victims Of Gun Violence From Miami To Orlando” — Advocate

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