A group of students at Michigan State University recently created a student organization to fight for gun safety and against gun violence. Each member is inspired by each of their unique personal connections to the issue.

Spartans Against Gun Violence is an official, recently established chapter of the March For Our Lives, or MFOL organization, a youth-led non-profit organization. Co-president and genomics and molecular genetics junior Zoe Haden started the organization with public relations sophomore and co-president Hailey Kenward.

To Haden, empathy is key in the fight against gun violence. They are from Oxford, and their sister was at Oxford High School on the day of the shooting. After this tragedy, Haden was compelled to get involved with advocacy.

“When that shooting happened, it not only was close to home, it was in my home, my family,” Haden said. “That fear that I felt when my sister texted me there’s a shooter in the school, I don’t want anyone to have to feel that. I don’t think anyone should ever have to feel that.”

Source: Spartans Against Gun Violence advocates for safety, mental health, empathy – The State News

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