JOY-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have been slammed after they allowed their four-year-old son Gideon to play next to a rifle.

The drama kicked off after eagle-eyed fans spotted the weapon in the family’s latest video.

In the new video uploaded to the family’s YouTube channel this week, 25-year-old Joy-Anna addressed the camera as she spoke about her cow’s new baby calf.

As she faced the camera while standing in the living room, fans spotted that her son Gideon was playing in the background with his dad Austin, 29.

Just feet from where the toddler was wondering around, a rifle sat on an easy chair.

Austin then walked out the door, leaving Gideon alone near the gun with his mom’s back turned.

Source: Duggar fans rip Joy-Anna & Austin after they spot Gideon, 4, playing near rifle

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