When you’re around 3 or 4, life starts to come into focus.

You start being able to remember incidents in your life.

Like shooting your mom.

On Dec. 2, a Canton Township woman escaped serious injury ― and possibly death ― after being accidentally shot by her 3 year-old son.

Now, you might think toddlers shooting people is an unusual occurence. It is not. In 2017, the Washington Post reported that toddlers were involved in shootings on a weekly basis, including self-inflicted fatalities.

The data was based on statistics compiled by Everytown Research & Policy, which reports that so far this year,275 children have been involved in accidental shootings resulting in 125 deaths and 161 injuries.

Now, we can say there are some things that don’t require repeating, like adults should always take preventative measures to keep guns out of the hands of children, but the facts don’t bear that out.

Source: How did Canton Township 3-year-old get the gun?

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