How to cut through and make people feel the things they need to feel is a growing challenge

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the prolific, effective and straight-talking American anti-gun violence campaigner Fred Guttenberg for my Bloomberg interviews show. Fred does not mince his words. He also wears his heart on his sleeve. Perhaps you would, too, if your daughter had been murdered at school during a mass shooting – as his wonderful Jaime was aged 14, alongside 16 others, in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Fred shared some surprising things, such as his change of heart about the recent decision for his daughter’s killer not to be handed the death sentence, and how he feels no fear when receiving death threats from those supportive of the powerful US gun lobby.

Source: A grieving father wants to awake people to gun violence. He wants you to imagine how it feels

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